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COVID-19 Update

HMT follows the Highline School District in terms of school closures and class cancellations. At this time, HSD is still conducting virtual learning. We anticipate the full rehearsal and performance process for Could You Hug a Cactus? will be held virtually via Google Classroom and Zoom. If HSD moves to in-person classes during the winter session, HMT will discuss options with parents, production team, and Performing Arts Center staff, to determine any changes to rehearsals based on safety and comfort levels.

Could You Hug a Cactus?

Based on a collection of whimsical poems by Phillip Van Wagoner, Could You Hug A Cactus? is a musical revue that follows a group of kids as they come together to create a show that’s bursting with poems and creativity. One by one, they each share their imaginative creations, until a nervous performer panics and refuses to contribute a poem. Can the cast help him shed self-doubt and ignite a creative spark?

Academy Prep  NEW CLASS!

We have some news: We are combining students who auditioned for Academy and Could You Hug a Cactus with those who signed up for Musical Theatre Playhouse to create a new musical of our own. This Academy Prep class will be on Wednesdays from 4:00-6:30pm. For this innovative hybrid, Academy level students will function as in-class mentors, teaching music, acting and movement, while also contributing original material. We will use Cactus for inspiration, and then collaborate to create our own original songs, scenes, monologues and/or poems. A portion of every session will be devoted to interacting with other students to develop content for a new musical.

No audition is necessary: Students age 9 and up can just register to be a part of this creative work. We are starting the project on January 20, so there is still time to register if this sounds exciting to you! Learn more and register on our Classes page.